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Yoga at Sunflower School

We practice so many different asanas in yoga class. We begin class by filling our bellies with air, taking a deep breath in, and chanting “ooooommmm”. We are chanting so well! We try to make our om sound loooong and this helps us take a deeper exhalation and relax our minds before we jump into all our favourite poses.

Look at us practicing – bridge pose, triangle pose, table pose, butterfly pose, elephant pose and so many different poses! We have been able to follow along and learn new poses so well. Our little bodies are so strong and flexible, and we have so much fun embodying all these different poses that represent our favourite animals and things.

When we practice snake pose, we hisssss. When we practice elephant pose, we swing our big trunks up and down. When we practice table pose, we try to be still and firm like a table. When we practice tiger pose, we ROAR. We are constantly moving through different asanas, and having so much fun learning the different ways in which our body can move.

Yoga at this age is all about FUN and the more fun we have, the more curious we are to learn more. In this way we train our minds and bodies to be flexible, to be calm and to be strong.

Well done Sunflower children!!!

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