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Sunflower school has a long history of more than 46 years to the belief that after rest and nutrition, preschoolers need to PLAY.

Within the limitations of a large,and densely populated city we are lucky to have a Pre School that has space for the kids to play, run, swim and be in the sand pit.

Besides a large indoor area, we have access to two gardens, a football court, and an outdoor concert space. The school has a dedicated pool, and a separate sandpit area. Our large outdoor spaces, and classrooms without borders or walls make us float seamlessly to choose and do what we like, and be where we want depending on how we feel that day.

Overall small group sizes automatically mean more space to play. The age group we cater to is from14 months to 4 years. Playgroup through transition level. Class sizes are 15 children. The student teacher ratio is 7:1. This ratio gets better on special coaching such as Football, gym, music and parent participation activities. The groups get smaller and more intimate with specialized coaches. The small group sizes make quality explorations possible.
We have helpers to manage washrooms and kitchen. Our Staff is child friendly and warm.

We have a kitchen where we cook snacks, and a time slot where kids also cook. We also have an Art Space and Clay Studio. The school prides itself in being an art based  curriculum, rich in craft, painting large murals, doing clay work and learning through art based projects. We also have a library area rich in books, and a separate Audiovisual and Computer room.