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Water is an important part of our lives and covers 70 percent

of the planet is recycled and used. We need to understand its

uses and how it is stored and recycled and most importantly

the urban water cycle.

In the past week the kids made a weather station and learnt

about clouds and the rain cycle. What we did then is a parallel

class to understand that clean drinking water is an issue and

that not everybody has access to it.

The few of us lucky kids that do, drew a picture to understand

sewage treatment. How is the dirty water that we flush down

the toilets and sinks cleaned and returned to us for drinking

bathing and swimming.

Look at the amazing artworks done by our 4-year-old kids.

They have outlined in detail a sewage treatment process

ending with, don’t miss the Aquaguard's with the green

lights for drinking water. The green ‘C ‘molecules of chlorine

with the good bacteria in the last phase. This water goes to

gardens and pools.

Prahaan made a Lego installation besides his beautiful art

with standing reservoirs and tanks to purify water. The

effluent gets purified and goes to parks, pools and peoples

home taps.

The drawings here are outlining the following

1)There is a net to filter big stuff like diapers shampoo bottles

soap etc.

2)Bad bugs eating the dirt in the water

3)Good bugs purifying water settling sediment and chlorine to

clean further (green C). Note how the color of water is


4)pipes taking water to the sink and parks

5)from sinks to Acquaguard. Watch Tara in her blue shirt and

purple pants drinking clean water. We don’t drink tap water.

Sunflower kids can hold a conversation on relevant topics,

this particular one is very relevant for their future as clean

water is fast becoming scarce and as group ‘A ‘discussed

large corporations are buying water reservoirs. Water could be

the next currency.

Our kids can tell you how we can store water, its uses and the

the good and bad bug story; the journey of water to your home

pipes. The journey through the water pipes was fun.

Transition(June 2021), I loved your artworks and being in

class with you. Transition rocks!!!!

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