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This year we turn 50

We are delighted that so many kids have filled the school with fun and laughter. We have played so much. The sandpit. The pool, the gardens, the clay studio, the kitchen to cook, the Art (all that painting and pictures},the excursions , the theatre, the songs have made such a beautiful impact that we adults in school have loved so much. The years have passed and we would like to send a message to all our Sunflower Family to say a big THANK YOU for having been the school as we know it.

The year’s celebrations began with

Football Match on 17th January. Coaches and kids alike did a splendid job and our very own Sunflower kid, and now mother Shloka Ambani did the honours.

Next was our GREEN DREAM, a concert on 27th and 28th January for all the parents to share what the school has tried to be, a Green school. Annabelle Lunawat helped the kids with ballet. Manavi with the Circle of Life, Shetu Jhaveri with her wonderful voice helped us sing , and our parent Rustom Pavri’s team ( his memories are still with us) helped with the sound. Teachers and kids and Chrissieann a new keyboard player out did themselves.

The second week of February has been a time for animals. We went to the Zoo and were amazed to see the tiger at close quarters, the birds, the tiny Humbolt penguins have literally bowled us over. Children can’t stop talking about them. This is the time of year when school usually has its Pet Day when the dogs and cats and budgies and parrots come to school. But being the 50 th year, a little Zoo is coming to school . During the week, I think we will have such a never to forget number of animals coming to school !

22nd February is the highlight of our 50th as the Book

Its My World, I am 4gets released. Our efforts have been to put forward a simple story over the years and this book says it all. I wish I had better record keeping skills to thank and send our love to all our kids everywhere so on this Valentine’s Day I just send this blog on behalf of all the Sunflower Team and hope it reaches many.

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