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Teaching at Sunflower school during lockdown

Dear Sunflower team,

A year people want to forget 

Is a year that I’d like to remember,

From a child’s perspective, 

A mother’s perspective,

A teacher’s perspective,

A principal’s perspective,

A school’ perspective.

This year, Not traditional 

But also Non-conventional.

A year with many uncertainties. 

A year, your home is your school,

Your blackboard is your computer,

Engagement and absorption are the real the tests.

A year Your teacher is your source of inspiration through virtual reality.  A reality, my child, nor I, ever dreamt of.

Sunflower, has inspired both my children to bloom during these roller coaster days. They have planted the seeds and groomed them to flourish with virtual teachings. My kids and I entirely vouch for the online method of teaching in which Sunflower School has conducted these sessions. Each class hosted on this ‘new’ learning platform has had meaning with motive to teach the tiny pupil creatively in their familiar surroundings.  We have used resources available to us in our homes to complete assignments during a nationwide lockdown inspiring us and our children to think on our feet while instilling concepts of conscious learning. 

Sunflower School’s Innovative ways have been paramount to their teaching methods in person during the ‘pre-mask’ era, and today, in this brave new world even more so.

For my older one the many sessions include the Swimming in the Sea Series, yoga, and our favorite month devoted to the concepts of rain, through playful native and international songs, in addition to simple science and observations. For my little one, vegetable painting, musical paints and chorus are our favorites where she was able to connect with others within the comfort of her own defined space. 

Each teacher pushes her limits in finding unthinkable ways to engage these little minds. We thank Sunflower Nursery School and appreciate how they have adapted gracefully during these changing times. A year I will never forget, but always remember! 

A Sunflower Mom

Mrs. Ranka

(Neil & Natasha’s ) – Transition / Nursery

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