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Hot wet rainy and dense canopy of trees. Trees which are as

tall as 11 floors. I think Dev or Samar one of them lives on the

11th floor.

Well; all of us here in transition class are a flying frog. Each of

us has big red eyes that can see left right and at the back.

Suction cups on our feet and we are mostly green in color

because we camouflage but when we don’t need to we have

many colored stripes. Some of us have dots and all of us have

the letter of our name on our backs.

Look at us we jump from layer to layer in the rain forest.

The emergent layer has clouds Prahan loves being there. In

this layer we have butterflies and big birds who need to

spread their wings eagles, toucans, scarlet macaw,

butterflies. We all love the toucan song and drew fantastic

toucans; their beaks are so colorful. The rain forest is filled

with color. Look at our drawings the vibrant color makes the

forest sing. Not to forget our rainforest song and green

anaconda. Singing listening to rainforest sounds and water

detailed drawing has been intense learning. We really need

to understand the forest and learn about it so we can save it.

The lessons have made us think why we should save the

rainforests a lot of us like the biodiversity and understand

how it holds life together. We understand that rain forests

give us clean air and take up all the carbon dioxide we emit.

Leaves give out water that forms clouds. And most of our

medicines have stuff from the rainforest a plant a root a

bark. Sick people get well with these things this appealed to


The best place where we as flying frogs liked to sit ,is in the

canopy layer. The vines are exciting ,swinging with the

orangutans looks like the most fun. When we come up

against a viper entwinned in a tree , OUCH we do need to

camouflage. The canopy is so green.

It takes a long time for the rain to hit the dark forest floor, it’s

a long way down. There are may night parties here. Fruit

eating bats, millipedes and leaf cutting ants. We have drawn

many dead leaves and ants on the floor. Prahan drew an ant

eater and an okapi some people drew a bush baby. It was a

rocking party. There are mushrooms on the floor too but

none of us quite like mushrooms. An occasional tiger was

encountered and the flying frogs had to camouflage then

though Samar felt he could jump fast enough and kept his

stripes on.

So, we have drawn our flying frogs and mounted them on a

stick , and we can place them anywhere in the forest.

It’s a pity we could not camp in the forest in our tents. Once

we can vacation we will go to a rain forest ,there are many ,

Indonesia, amazon yes, we can develop ecotourism we know

all the layers and can show you some more things like

flowers. Orchids we like and some stinky bromeliads and

lilies. I think we did not draw the flowers as flowers cannot

stink that does not sound right, but we have a take home

video on the sun bear and the bromeliad flower. sunbear

likes to eat the ants Maybe somethings will make sense when

we holiday in these forests like beautiful flowers can smell


Meanwhile we imagine elephants on the floor tigers and

maybe a big anaconda 300 feet long, with anteaters’

mushrooms ants and owls and oh my god there is a very big

party on the forest floor.

We have not drawn many tall trees because the canopy is so

dense wet and trees are so tall that the scale of things was

not quite fitting on our paper but we did look at buttress

roots, triangle roots and leaves with tips pointing downward

for the water to drain out.

Papaya and rubber trees, we know coffee trees chameleons

and sun bears, howler monkeys and more it’s been an

intense time singing listening drawing and thinking how little

we know about our planet Earth so many more animals to

discover. So much more rain to be soaked in and so much

heat. The weather here in Mumbai helped us feel some of

the humidity and wetness yet the national geographic

footage we looked at was stunning.

EARTH, we love you and here we GO GO wish us luck!!!!

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