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Pottery studio and Pool time

Pool Area

Only preschool in Mumbai with a pool for the kids. It’s a baby pool

approximately 12 meters in length. Older kids with their floats and arm bands

assisted with an adult enjoy splashing and playing games in the pool. Our

younger babies splash in the paddle pools. A special designated water area to

pour, splash, sprinkle and carry out various water experiments.

Interesting innovations in the pool area are a bamboo raft and a pulley

mechanism to pull water.

Water play like fishing, sailing paper boats, activities like what sinks and

what floats, filling and pouring containers; the pool area is always

buzzing with excitement.

It also looks pretty with all our sea creatures, made as art activity, or clay

activity to decorate the area.

Clay at Sunflower

Our latest addition to sunflower is our very own clay studio!

Kids have been working with playdo or clay at all levels in school. Its where kids

pound, pat, pinch clay with their hands, roll clay into balls and snakes, use

toothpicks and blunt knives to make designs and create masterpieces in clay.

Interesting conversations flow in the studio while kids are working with clay.

We often get our pieces fired and glazed.

Though children have been working with clay since years in school. we

have made everything from flowers, bugs, fish, animals to transport and

of course our very own clay Ganapati’s, Sea creature tiles to decorate our

pool area.

Christmas tree ornaments.

All these are made in our special Warli painted shed “The Clay Studio”

Just like art, clay modelling helps motor and expression. We use our

hands to mould and various tools to make patterns. Clay work is

assisted with moms and teachers and is a grounding therapeutic

experience for all.

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