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Playgroup parent on Home Learning

To Sunflower Nursery ,

Due to the lockdown caused by the pandemic and schools forced to shut, Sunflower decided to conduct the classes online with limited screen time for the children. Our little daughter Vedika completely enjoys seeing familiar faces of teachers and friends. Teachers are trying their best to preserve children’s routine which can be specially important for toddlers. They sing “Hello” song & make sure to mention each kid by their name. They ask how each child is doing, what did they eat for breakfast,etc. Yes parents are heavily involved in this process. We as parents are very much satisfied how the classes are held, teaching methods and our complete involvement. Every time we tell Vedika it’s time for school, Anshita aunty and Malvika aunty have come.. she would just hurry up and get ready for the class. As soon as she looks at them, she will say “Hiii” with the biggest smile on her face. Teachers are taking all the efforts to make the class interesting and engaging for children at this age by doing physical activities, sing along, action songs, dramatizing stories, dancing around,etc. We really appreciate and thank the teachers of Sunflower for all the efforts they are putting in during such tough times. We are glad to be a part of Sunflower family.

Vaibhav and Neha 

Parents of Vedika Lodha - Lower play group

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