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Phonics at Sunflower School

Letter ‘M’ makes a sound like mmmmm

Hey we made a story with the letter M. Let’s look at Dev’s picture he has a Mat starting with a M. And there is a story going Dev went to the Mountains when the Moon was out. There was a Machine to take him to the moon it’s a pink flying saucer. He also had a MAP

He also has a Market place which is selling Medicines. He has drawn himself dropping Money maybe he slipped in the mud. He also has a mango tree nearby.

Noah has a moose and monkey near the mountains

Freya has herself that is ME looking in the mirror. She could be wearing a mask

So many stories and so many M words

The letter M rocks and so does phonics at sunflower. MMMMMMM and bump bump mmmm small m

Sounds and words and Art it’s the world around us as in our class Arhaan Mehta has a m in his name went to the mountains. And Jaidev Mody with a m dropped his money.

Our kids multitask at story telling art writing letters and doing Phonics with beautiful colors.

I love you transition class you guys are just awesome Am so glad to be friends with you

Namaste Hola you there!!!! See you soon in class I am happy and I know it I AM!!!!!!!!!

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