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Independence DAY 15th August

We have a very large country, it has mountains in the North and a lot of water on all the lower sides. We drew our map and marked “HOME”. Mumbai is home close to the Arabian Sea with waves and boats. Then we marked Delhi, Modiji will be at Red Fort with the flag.

We hoisted our own Tiranga in school its orange white and green with a blue wheel in the centre. We also drew it coloured it.

All of us were dressed in ethnic clothes and we got to pin a small Tiranga on our shoulder. Its like our Indian passport. We travel a lot in all our holidays. Sometimes we visit other countries but we are always excited to be back HOME. JAI HIND!!!!!

At home we can eat Italian, Japanese and many other types of food from many countries besides our Indian food. I think bhindi bhaji is the best is what the transition kids say. There is no other place like our country its our home. We are all proud to be Indian.

Some of us dressed up like tigers and roared. The tiger is our National animal. Lotuses are pink and white they are the National flower. We drew a lot of peacocks dancing. We also danced to peacock music. The plume of peacock feathers is beautiful. Someone got a real peacock feather to school. Peacocks are magic like a fairy-tale. I like the fact it’s our National bird.

We looked very grand in our Lehenga’s and Kurta Pyjamas. Hoisting our flag singing “Sare Jaha se Acha”, and the National Anthem. JAI HIND, JAI HIND I love that sound we shouted with zeal. Dancing singing eating wafers and Oreo cookies celebrating our country, this is a free country. When I grow up I will do something that makes my country proud. Some of us want to be astronauts’ others doctors, and others dancers. It takes all kinds of children to make INDIA shine.

At Sunflower we are all INDIAN and we shine as our country enters its 76th year. The efforts of all our nanis dadas and their nanis and dadas have given us today a beautiful moment. The art background of tigers, forests the beautiful peacocks and festivals like RAKHI are an integral part of what makes us one and united we are INDIAN. JAI HIND!!!!

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