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Sunflower school we have loved to play in the warm sun, with the feel of the Earth and sand and water and to talk and laugh! The two and four year old kids come with expectations to play and have fun, the adults here are happily devising newer ways to play and have fun. New things, new games to extend into more play time.

The games created here are a variation of LUDO and CHAUPAT. Both

boards are beautifully handcrafted in wood, the moves are with dice for LUDO, and with beautiful white cowrie shells for CHAUPAT. We have our young players in mind and the count is easy.


The third game devised for this Diwali opening is a lovely card game

with pictures on a neat pack of cards, it’s called “FIND ANOTHER”. The stocks are small as each is handcrafted in house, we hope many of our Sunflower families will play these over and over and have fun along the way.

Find another

from the sunflowershop

contact us for further Inquiries.

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