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At sunflower we are all artists. Its that time of the year

where rows of diyas are lit, its Diwali ;when Ram returns to

Ayodhya after 13 years in the forest. To celebrate we have

drawn houses with lights lanterns and diyas. A few

firecrackers which do not smoke much or make noise just

that lighting up to welcome the goodness in LIFE. The victory

of good and the process of a new life. We have been talking

of sweets and savories murukku and pedas. The spirit of

Rangoli. So, look at these pieces of art, the stick figures have

joy movement there is celebration in the air. Sweets and

diyas ,dance and color. Movement laughter and festivities

are captured so well. Chakri’s on the floor the dabs of warm

paint to texture the background is truly auspicious the Indian

warmth of fire light and all that glows is the goodness of life.

Skyscrapers that are grey are also warm with diyas. People

are sitting eating sweets holding crackers. The blue and black

backgrounds are the beautiful evening time of festive color.

Note the lovely clothes that so many of us are wearing. The

sheer movement and color are a delight here. Transition is

art personified. Great work !!! @sunflower

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