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Busy people, busy people working all day, working all over town busy from sunrise to sunset, on computers and phone. This is what the city is and the kids of transition really got their pulse on it. They made tall buildings made of Lego. included green spaces like parks for footballers and cricketers and dancers. They made hospitals libraries and cafes. Airports were positioned out of the

city to facilitate use of larger space and reduce noise.

There were city maps which marked their neighborhoods temples and other towers. The roads ran at right angles with zebra crossings and police car patrols.

Some people made cities like Dubai with the Burj Khalifa and many quaint parlors and cafes.

Others had libraries and squares, fire stations, police, museums zoos and grocery stores.

Banks, stations for bus and rail. This really means that there are many different kinds of people working all day in these buildings. Part of the reason we like living in a city is the pulse of things happening and the fact that there are so many jobs and ideas to exchange.

The variety a city brings is immense and at night we have many dazzling lights. The tall buildings packed together and the diversity of things to do really make living in a city very exciting. When we grow up we can be anything we want. The options to work in the city are varied and immense. A lot of us are thinking

what we want to be. Prahaan wants to be a pilot, whether its helicopter pilot or a jet, is still being worked on. Our projects are always a process and we think and change them along the way. A city and its educational opportunities like museums and cinemas bring so much food for thought that every day is a change in a different dimension.

Our dads live and work here as there is immense opportunity. The kids at transition are building their own cities and their own versions of reality of a future with immense possibility and perhaps a new way of being. Cities are evolving and the kids are the very fabric of this evolution. Through, building, listening interacting we covered community workers, spatial map concepts, conversation and critical thinking were addressed in this lesson.

Each child built their own city and talked about it, the medium of presentation was as varied as a map, or Lego, or a drawing. It all brought about some thought as to where we live, what is around us and how we have so many options for our future way of being, working, computing and communicating.

The Maisy story on Maisey goes to the city along with various home

assignment video links and songs on the topic, made this a complete lesson on environment, community workers and language and spatial skills. I thoroughly enjoyed teaching it, and the kids did an awesome job, FUN at Sunflowerschool!!

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