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Its Dec 8th and we are in school going for a Santa hunt.

Its cold and windy and I don’t know if we will find Santa. We start

skating and come to a lake we can’t go over it or under it. The snow

is frozen but we still dance on it like our good old trampoline,

nothing better that bouncing high up and coming down into springy

soft snow with all friends for OH SO REAL. So many jumps up and we

go high up.

Brrr its cold we move on the wind is rough we hold onto our caps

and there is snow falling on us. Its bits of white paper or is it really cold. There is a long tunnel it’s a cave we go through it its dark crawl, crawl and out into the nippy weather. We can’t go over it we can’t go under it but we managed to crawl through it. Now as we walk further what do we see

A herd of reindeers. Dancer Prancer, Vixen, Rudolph and all my class

friends with reindeer antlers, we can’t go through them, Can’t go

over or under, so we balance on our hoofs and walk across some

green tyres. There are mistletoe wreaths in the ceiling and green is

another Christmas color, our red antlers and Santa caps are also

Christmas festive.

So, we skate on to find Santa it is getting very cold and we come to a tunnel it’s got many colored rings but we can get very very small and crawl through this too and then we tippy toe very very softly to

Santa’s Christmas tree to look for our gifts.

Santa where are you are you under the tree are you under your

sleigh. Santa, where are you? look over there look look where are

you. Santa Santa where are you are you on the rooftop where are

you. OOOOh look over where look look over there; is that you Shetu

aunty. HO HO HO she is going to sing with us. Jingle bells, merry

Christmas and gingerbread man lots of songs.

We wish you a merry Christmas. We then pick up our cards, pebble

painting works ,and Rudolf’s as gifts for our mamas and Pappas.

Snowflakes snowflakes snowflakes falling on my head I go to my car

and its time to dream of falling snowflakes on my nose, as I go home.

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