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Dear Team of sunflower school,

Sunflower Nursery School has a unique style of teaching, if I could use one word to describe it, it would be effortless. Children learn effortlessly. The teachers, their support staff and the Principal work tirelessly and consistently to make sure of this. With the onset of the pandemic and the lockdown education, particularly of young children, has been a challenge. Conflicting views on the merits of screen time aside, home schooling is not easy for any parent and an even greater challenge for those working from home.  Sunflower transitioned to online classes with ease. They ensured limited use of screen time as well as interactive sessions and interesting follow up home assignments. The assignments have never been boring or difficult to implement from home and my children have loved doing them and their online lessons. I must applaud the massive effort put in by the school in having maintained their standard of effortless education in these unpredictable and challenging times.


Anushka Daswani

( Mila and Lucas’s mother ) – Transition

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Learning Matters
Learning Matters
Jan 24, 2022

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