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Art from Home

Art is something all kids can do because they really can see and feel all elements around us with no filters. All my transition kids are amazing artists and this batch is most amazing. I wish days were

normal and we could all meet, paint large canvases, talk, and share

our thoughts, and paint more, draw more.

Well our zoom drawing classes are not tame. We tried to draw boys

with pants girls in shorts, sharks made from shapes like rectangles

and triangles. With big teeth, of course as they eat all the small fish.

The best thing today was we sang puff the magic dragon and we

drew a great big dragon with a red tongue. The most amazing dragons came up with large wings and big tails and claws. What we learnt is that all of us are artists and when we think in shapes, we can draw anything with shapes. We imagine what the subject would look like. A cat is soft and furry so its better to use a oval rather than a triangle. Looking feeling expressing imagining and making dragons fly is our world of ART. At sunflower school everyone is an artist, it’s an art school through art we learn validate and grow.

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