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Acting things out is mutual attunement, it fits us all together like a

complete jigsaw puzzle. People are effective in not only what they do

but how they do it. Acting allows us to express.

Many of us come in quiet; and wow now we are talking into mikes

and having conversations. We are voicing our likes and dislikes.

It’s a whole new world as we interact. We grow as we voice our

thoughts sing our songs like Zelda and others.

This kind of production is a confidence builder. It adds to language

skills and stimulates creativity, and stimulates social connection.

Education that promotes imagination is an education fostering

continuous growth.

These productions are very beautiful and esthetic as you will see in

the visuals. Beauty invokes a feeling of sensory perception and

enhances cognition.

The Sunflower philosophy on promoting the creative ARTs at his

early stage is holistic and grounding. Movement and dance lead to

speech. This connection of Head, Heart, and Hands is a complete

system complementing our academic curriculum.

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