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Yoga with Playgroup

We love yoga class because of all the animal poses we learn and the loooooong Om’s that we chant at the beginning and end of class.

Some people think that we are too young to learn yoga, but we have learnt so much…

We have learnt to stand on one leg like a flamingo, stretch like a doggy, hop like a froggy and stand tall on our tippy-toes like tall giraffes! At the small age of only 2, we are working towards building a foundation to learn more and more asanas and breathing techniques.

The om chanting and deep breaths we take helps us relax and calm down. Trying to balance in different poses teaches us to focus and concentrate. Our asanas help us become strong and flexible while increasing our body awareness and flexibility. But most importantly, we have FUN!

Look at us practicing our favourite asanas.. Would you be able to tell we are only 2?

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